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    Last weekend I traveled to Atlantic City, N.J. for msnbc to cover the closings of three major casinos and talk with folks from around the community who will be most affected. Please checkout the slideshow of portraits and perspectives here.

    Top Image: Karina Guevara has worked at Trump Plaza for 18 years as a hotel cashier. “The people here are truly my family. They have been with me through hard times. I was going to lose my home four years ago, but they just modified me and with me loosing my job here I think I am going to lose my home because I won’t be able to pay the $900. I have four children to feed, and it’s really going to affect me. My plans are to look for another job, but with almost 7,000  people loosing their jobs it’s going to be hard out here.” Photo taken on Aug. 29, 2014.

    John rules.  Check out this great body of work.


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    FERGUSON, Missouri Michael Brown never made it to his first day of college. He never wore his student ID badge through the doors of the tech school here, never saw the syllabus outlining his first class. He had dreams of mastering a trade, becoming an electrician to heat and cool…

  3. Lexington Ave., New York, NY August, 2014.

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  4. Before and After - Slenderman Falls, Upstate NY

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    Photo: Will Steacy

  9. Thomas Prior traveled to Rwanda for MSNBC to document educational advances for rural children.  Check out the full essay here 

  10. Some street scenes from last summer, 2013.

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  11. Metro-North passing through the Bronx.  July, 2014

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  12. Atlantic City, NJ.  March, 2014

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  13. Sunset over Greenpoint

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    The Fence: What life is like along the US/Mexico border—> VIDEO

  15. The Summer of Swimming, July 2014

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